“The benefits of Backup Radar are not just being seen by eacs, our own customers are seeing the benefits too. The conversation is now about system improvements, not simply repairs. It’s a good place to be.”
Anne Stokes, Head of Services, eacs Ltd.
“I have to say you guys have a service unique as best as I can tell, one that I think every MSP should be using.”
Compufit LLC
“We’re a 25 person IT team with 50 clients and we went from two full-time tier 3 engineers checking 1000+ backups a day, to less than three hours of remediation time per day. The checking and ticketing process is handled automatically now. It paid for itself the first week.”
Nick L., MyIT Support


Is Backup Radar easy to set up?
  • Backup Radar is designed to be quick and easy to get started. After you sign up you will receive an email address that you can begin emailing in reports for supported vendors.
  • We also provide you with three one-on-one onboarding sessions to ensure you are set up effectively, easing the transition to our system.
What PSA or RMM tools does Backup Radar support?
  • Backup Radar currently supports PSAs: ConnectWise, Datto Autotask, Kaseya BMS, ServiceNow, and SyncroMSP.
  • We currently support RMMs: N-Able RMM and N-Central.
  • We continue to look for ways to better service our clients’ needs, and plan to support other PSAs and RMMs in the future.
How am I billed?

We offer monthly subscription fees based on the number of servers you are backing up, and there is a discount to anyone who wishes to make an annual commitment. You are able to cancel at anytime.

How is a Server defined?

For Backup Radar billing purposes, a Server is defined as any device type that is not a Workstation or Office365/Google backup. Backup Radar allows a limited number of free devices in the Workstation and/or Office 365 and Google backups; up to your plan subscription count.

Some examples of backups we parse as 1 Server

  • A single physical server = 1 Server
  • NAS Backup Device = 1 Server
  • Phone system backup = 1 Server
    • If multiple phone systems are included in one email notification, this will result in one server for each phone system
  • A host server with 10 Virtual Machines (VMs) = 10 Servers
  • Web server backup email (per site name) = 1 Server

Workstation Backups

  • For Workstation backups, these are a 1 to 1 license ratio. If you pay for a 100 server plan, you get up to 100 workstations included in your plan.

Office 365 / Google Workspace Backups

  • For Office 365 / Google Workspace (ie. Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google docs, email, etc.) backups, each individual item is considered one license. A 100 server plan equals up to 100 Office 365/Google Workspace backups.

Virtual Machines (VM)

  • Backup Radar will process one physical server when a host server sends a report which only includes the main host and no VMs.
  • If the report contains the VM data, then it will be parsed as separate servers. We will not make adjustments to the report to process only one host. This allows us to provide the most accurate data for your backups.

We regularly audit the device types with logic to ensure that everyone is utilizing the platform fairly. Please note that if you intentionally miscategorize a device to avoid licensing costs your account may be subject to suspension.

Where are your cloud servers based?

Our cloud services are based in Microsoft Azure and are Geo-Redundant. These data centers have been audited to SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards and meet PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA requirements. For more information, click here.

What defines a User on Backup Radar?

A User is defined as any person with access to your Backup Radar account with permissions that can view and adjust backups.

What does the onboarding fee include?

The on-boarding fee includes the following items to ensure a successful experience with our platform:

  • Setup of the Backup Radar portal
  • Assistance with API integrations for your supported applications
  • Access to our engineers to work with your team on best practices
  • Customization of your account
  • 3 one-on-one on-boarding/consulting sessions
  • Technical support for the duration of the subscription.
Can the onboarding fee be waived?

Our one-time on-boarding fee cannot be waived. This initial fee, along with the monthly subscription fees, have been carefully designed to ensure our award-winning services and platform continue to meet and support your needs.

What type of up-time does Backup Radar provide?

Backup Radar was designed for 99.999% service availability with geo-redundant storage and databases on the Azure platform. Since inception we have never had an outage of over 30 minutes.