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Webinar with CEO, Patrick Leonard

Watch the Backup Radar team discuss some of the common challenges faced by MSP’s when it comes to monitoring and managing your backups.
Backup Radar was designed to:

  • Increase your visibility to remediation trends
  • Improve your backup monitoring workflow
  • Deliver timely, accurate, and actionable data

Come and learn how you can improve your business profitability with Backup Radar.

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Backup Radar is a global leader in backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance. Their innovative end-to-end automation software can help reduce your risk of data loss, drive business and process efficiency, and achieve greater visibility across all your backup platforms. Catch missed or failed backups in real-time. Integrate with many of your favorite MSP platforms including PSA, RMM, and other productivity tools. Streamline your policies and workflows with world-class, intelligent automation.

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