Backup Radar’s integration with ServiceNow empowers MSPs and Enterprises with the ability to automate their backup incident workflow.

Our ServiceNow integration is incredibly flexible and can create incidents for the proper company, category, subcategory, urgency, impact, assignment group, new and closed status.

Incidents can be grouped by company, device, or backup job name to reduce the volume of incidents that need to be worked. Our ticketing system can alert on failure by creating the incident immediately to make sure any high-priority backups do not get missed.

“The beauty of our effortlessly smooth integration is that there’s nothing to install and zero maintenance. Our cloud-based platform instantly connects to ServiceNow’s API. Enterprise organizations can now automate their traditionally difficult process of monitoring backups and creating incidents in ServiceNow.” Patrick Leonard, Founder and CEO at Backup Radar.

  • Allow for two way ticketing updates to the PSA
  • Automate the population of ticket fields
  • Auto-append consolidates repeated issues to an existing open ticket
  • Auto-group allows for grouping of related tickets based on company, job, or device name
  • Automatically close tickets when the server or job goes back to a successful state
  • Auto-open and close incidences related to backup monitoring states and policy
  • Intelligent workflow to direct tickets to your different boards
  • Monitor and report all backup statuses from within ServiceNow
  • Schedule on-demand reports for auditing and compliance
  • Centralize Backup portals for all backup products
  • Email notifications to alert management if backups fail for a specified number of days

Integration Updates

July 1, 2019

API Integration with ServiceNow, now Live

Backup Radar has automated the process of monitoring, creating, updating and closing backup incidents in ServiceNow. This powerful new integration was unveiled at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 in Las Vegas from May 7-9 to 20,000+ attendees.