Backup Radar seamlessly connects to Datto through a direct API integration that helps MSPs and Enterprises monitor their backup results more effectively. Email parsing is also available for other Datto products. Once the integration is set up you can monitor all of your Datto backups in the Backup Radar portal.

You can create tickets or view dashboards in the portal. With the Datto integration, we show the local, offsite and screenshot verifications to easily find issues. There is built-in support for Datto email reports. And, Backup Radar will also check for device alerts as well as disk utilization alerts to help prevent issues proactively.

Backup Radar also has a Datto verification option as well so you can see your screenshots in the policy.

Integration Updates

March 4, 2021

Improve your monitoring of Datto SaaS Protection daily status email reports

Backup Radar releases update for Datto SaaS Protection image-based reports. After several months of development, Backup Radar is proud to announce support for Datto SaaS Protection backup reports. The technology is now in place to read, and monitor, these PDF email reports using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means your statuses will now be 100% accurate for all reports. 

Configure your Datto SaaS Protection to send notifications to your email account and processing will begin immediately. With this new support, all your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backups can now be monitored inside of Backup Radar. 


May 1, 2019

Centrally monitor all Datto Backups in one place!

Backup Radar will parse any inbound emails for Datto and turn them into insightful dashboards and audit pages for easy backup checking. It also has integrated ticketing for MSPs who need to integrate with popular PSAs for ticketing. With our Datto integration, you can also verify your backups and we show the verification screenshots in the audit details screen.

December 31, 2018

Backup Radar Datto REST API Integration is now live

In this new REST API Integration users now have additional capabilities such as monitoring for check-in alerts, local verifications, and disk space issues as well as better support for the local, offsite, and screenshot backups. We also introduced the ability to connect to multiple Datto portals for the users that need to monitor more than one.

To set-up automatic ticketing profiles and defaults, follow the instructions on our support page.

If you already have a Datto integration setup, switching to the newer REST API is simple. It can be done within only a few minutes. All you need to do is click on REST API button, and then input the public and secret key from your Datto portal. Once you do, the system will automatically switch you over, and you will not need to retire or reactivate new backups.