Better Backup Management

Backup Radar makes all your Comet Backup data available through a direct API integration, or email parsing. Quick and easy setup allows you to pull in information about the server, job name, and details such as the backup size, date, time, and status.

To get started, simply log in to Backup Radar and input your Comet link and the designated username and password to setup the connection.

Comet is a white-label backup software for “any business that provides a computer backup service to their customers.” Comet’s backup technology utilizes an innovative technique, which they call data-dependent “chunking.” This technique efficiently splits a file into consistent chunks which are individually compressed, encrypted, and uploaded which results in faster backups and restores, smaller uploads and downloads and better security for your backup data.  

By using Backup Radar and Comet together, you’ll get a quick and comprehensive view of all the most important information about your client backups, pulled into our cohesive dashboard. This will speed up onboarding and gives Comet users holistic reporting of their backups within the Backup Radar application.

New to Comet Backup? Use the code BACKUP-RADAR at sign up for $50 free credit towards your first 90 days.

Integration Updates

February 9, 2022

Webinar: Lift Workload with Better Backup Management

Watch our recent webinar! Luis Giraldo, Backup Radar’s CXO sat down with Comet Backup’s GM, Josh Flores for an enlightening discussion on: 

 ✅ Optimizing your backup operations to maximize efficiency 

 ✅ Getting the most out of your backup and monitoring tools

 ✅ Tips on putting more productive and profitable hours back into your day

May 5, 2021

New API integration

We are pleased to announce the direct API integration of Comet Backup system into the Backup Radar platform. MSPs using Comet for their backups will now be able to connect their accounts directly into Backup Radar quickly and seamlessly, making the onboarding process fast and easy. This API integration will pull in backup information about the device, job name, and details such as size of the backup, date/time, and status.