Acronis Backup Monitoring Integration

We are pleased to announce the direct API integration of Acronis Cyber Platform system into the Backup Radar program. Clients using Acronis for their backups can seamlessly connect their accounts directly into Backup Radar, in under two minutes and get to the configuration of your account quickly. For new clients using Acronis, this API connection streamlines the onboarding process, and makes importing your backups into Backup Radar efficient. 


Integration Benefits

By using Backup Radar and Acronis together, clients can access the full suite of solutions available in Backup Radar to automate reporting, ticketing, alerting, dashboards and our audit screen to review their clients backup data or take actions.

Connecting your Acronis account is easy, by following the guiding steps in this support article:

  1. Add Backup Radar as an API client in your Acronis Cyber Platform account.
  2. Copy the Backup Radar API client details from Acronis.
  3. Log into Backup Radar and update your Acronis integration details.
  4. Once the reliable connection is made through the API, you can begin activating policies and setting up your rules for email notifications.
  5. Enjoy Backup Radar’s automated monitoring, reporting, and alerts for your Acronis backups.

For MSPs using Acronis in conjunction with other backup tools, this new API integration will drive efficiency in your processes. Our single window solution brings all of your backup products into one place, to give you valuable oversight and cut down on time-consuming manual backup checks. 

By consolidating your backup tools into Backup Radar, you can say goodbye to having to  log into multiple backup platforms and aggregate data in spreadsheets! Your Acronis backup data will be found alongside the rest of your tech stack, right in Backup Radar.


Our Mission

At Backup Radar, innovation is a cornerstone of our foundation and mission. Partnerships and integrations with leading industry applications and vendors continue to drive our rapid growth and development. We strive to always offer our client’s solutions that will help them: 

  • Drive efficiency in their operations by consolidating and automating backup monitoring processes
  • Reduce their risk of data loss with increased oversight and accountability 
  • Achieving visibility into their backup solutions by offering proactive troubleshooting and customizable, actionable alerts.

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