Central Backup Console for Technicians

Backup Policy Review
  • MSP / IT Administrator Friendly Console and Audit Screens.
  • Global search for any backup or job name.
  • A copy of each backup email report received is attached in the Audit screen.
  • Failures and Warnings sorted to the top to make it easy to start troubleshooting.
  • Backups that do not receive an email report show a failure so they can be reviewed.
  • Sort and filter based on a company, backup type, device, and tags.
  • See the number of days since a backup was successful.
  • Group by Company or Sort all failures and warnings to the top across all clients. 

ConnectWise / Autotask Integration

PSA/RMM Integration
  • ConnectWise and Autotask Integration
  • Automatic Opening & Closing of tickets
  • Filters & Options allow you to customize which tickets are created. 
  • Add an existing ConnectWise or Autotask ticket to the backup result.
  • View the complete ConnectWise or Autotask ticket history for a backup.
  • Access to the full ConnectWise or Autotask ticket through web link.

Dashboard for Seeing the Trends

  • Dynamically updating Dashboards for your backup content.
  • Daily Pie Graph clickable chart  for granular views into each day. 
  • Clickable live tiles to drill down into the data on the dashboards.
  • Spot ongoing trends for failures or warnings with your backups.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports

Central Backup Detail Report
  • Backup Overview Report to provide a customer with a monthly overview of their backups. 
  • Backup Detail Report shows a full audit report that has filters and date range selections.
  • Weekly Report for spotting recurring failures easily.  
  • Backup List Report that will show the list of backups for a client. 
  • Parsing report allows you to see what emails were not parsed by Backup Radar. 
  • All reports are brandable and exportable to PDF and Excel.
  • Scheduled Reporting of Daily, Weekly or Monthly backup reports.  

E-Mail Notifications alert when a Backup hasn't completed

  • Ability to create multiple notification profiles. 
  • Adds a layer of management to notify someone if a backup doesn't succeed in x number of days. 

Centralized Backup Management

Centralized Backup Management Activation Page
Backup Policy Management
  • Custom Backup Thresholds - Customized thresholds allow you to set when to be notified about a failure. 
  • Bulk Edit Backups - Search and bulk edit Backups when you need a change to multiple backups. 
  • Flexible Custom Schedules - Create granular custom schedules based for when a backup report is received.
  • Custom Tagging System - Tag a backup and utilize the filter for viewing on dashboards and the audit screen.

Designed with Security in Mind

  • Built on Microsoft Azure Platform / No Software or Hardware required.
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile responsive access to backups and reports.
  • Secure multi-tenant access to assign backups to the clients or companies that they belong to.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for additional security through Google Authenticator.
  • Granular permissions for your user accounts.
  • Grant or Deny permission to client accounts per user.