A single pane of glass for managing all of your different backup vendors ensures complete coverage and zero manual effort. See Full Info

Over 300+ supported integrations + vendors, including Veeam, Datto and Acronis.
Ensure you have total coverage across all of your backups.

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Powerful backup compliance reporting with branded, scheduled and on-demand reports to ensure all stakeholders are in the loop. See Full Info

Automatic ticketing for PSA/ITSM platforms including ConnectWise, Autotask, SyncroMSP and ServiceNow. Reduce human error and ensure a closed-loop backup management process.

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Reduce overhead managing backups by over 80% by streamlining and automating the monitoring and remediation process. See Full Info

All Features

Full Backup Radar functionality is available in all plans, pay only for the servers and infrastructure you need to monitor.

Platform Features

Elastic architecture Security-first, high performance, high availability, elastic architecture.

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Backup Radar is architected on Microsoft Azure to be secure, highly available and high performance. Azure’s hosting platform is one of the most secure and highly tested systems in existence. Their entire infrastructure is PCI-DSS certified. Azure services also maintain SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3, ISO 27001, and 27017. These certifications cover selected Azure services, including their security governance, physical security, network infrastructure, change management and administration practices. Leveraging these established services, Backup Radar delivers a secure, reliable application you can trust. The Backup Radar infrastructure has been purpose-built for high availability and is incredibly robust with most of the high availability features you would expect including:

  • WebApps
  • Compute
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Storage
  • Redis Cache
  • Azure DDOS Protection
  • Load Balancer
  • Application Gateway
  • CDN
  • Storage
  • Azure Backup

Intelligent De-Duplication

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Backup Radar is designed with an MSP/Enterprise Admin workflow in mind to efficiently create tickets, monitor and alert on backup issues using one central portal for all of your backup needs.

Rapid universal search for backup name, server name, etc. to ensure you can quickly jump to points of interest.

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Quickly search and find the backup results you need from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to verify a backup is in good shape.

Fully customizable branding

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Brand your on demand or scheduled email reports. Add a portal logo if you decide to share your Backup Radar portal with your clients.

Customizable thresholds can be set to granularly define data protection policies

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Our customizable thresholds put you in control of your backups and allow you to filter out noise by raising or lowering the threshold that you expect to have backups within. Thresholds can also put a backup in a failed status if we do not receive an hourly backup etc.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure backups are protected

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Our Multi-factor authentication works with Microsoft and Googel Authenticator and can be enforced for all users who login to the system. Duo and Azure SSO are coming soon!

Responsive, mobile-friendly web interface-

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Backup Radar was designed with responsive mobile friendly views for phones and tablets to allow for use on the go. Sign in and view data quickly on a mobile or tablet with a fully functional system.

Multi-tenant capabilities allow segmentation of access to reporting

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Backup Radar has access groups that allow you to give your customers access to their data and view it without sharing access to other clients in your portal.

Unlimited users with flexible, role-based permissions

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Our straightforward billing allows all of your users to access the system. We only bill for the servers in use to keep it simple.

200+ supported backup vendors ensures complete coverage

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Backup Radar supports well over 200+ backup applications via email parsing and API integrations. Our fanatical development team turns around new requests for products that we don’t currently support within 1-2 days of making the request all included within your monthly plan.

World-class support ensures that we quickly respond and address any technical support issues

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Our World class support team is passionate about providing an outstanding support experience on every issue. We pride ourselves on very fast responses to all open technical issues.

Simple, usage-based billing model enables you to proactively adapt to your changing requirements, only

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Our simple easy to use billing model enables you to proactively adapt to your changing requirements as you grow or need to reduce usage.

Automated discovery ensures we identify new backups and make provisioning a snap

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Any time new backups are added to your existing backup jobs we pick those up automatically and you can have Backup Radar automatically monitor those based on the settings you already have in place within the portal.

Easily group and sort to focus time and effort on areas needing attention.

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Easily group and sort your backups in the Backup Radar audit screen to find and repair critical backup issues quickly.

Audit screen allows visualization of each backup report received to ensure total compliance.

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Our world class Audit screen is a central technical console that can be used to view the actual results that came through via email or API and know exactly what you need to fix once you login to your backup application.

Centralized backup console, single pane-of-glass with powerful trending dashboard.

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With Backup Radar you have one single pane-of-glass with powerful trending on our dashboards, audit screens and reporting. Spot issues and drill down into those issues quickly.

Management Features

Automatic scheduled reports

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Our world class reports can be scheduled to run automatically or on demand. Add your logo for branding and away you go.

PDF and Excel report exports

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Our PDF and Excel reports are created with the MSP/Enterprise IT admin in mind and give you many options to put you in control of the data you want to share with your team or client.

Powerful reporting, both on-demand and scheduled

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Backup Radar provides world class backup reports that centralize all of your backup products onto one daily, weekly or monthly report to send you to your staff or clients.

Flexible notifications by email on failures or missed backups

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Alert your team or management when backups go more than x number of days without a successful backup with grouping per company, job name or device name. Use our E-mail notifications to create tickets in PSA systems that we do not support through API integration.

Productivity Features

Backup visualization

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Backup Radar is designed to provide a stunning look at your backup data in a meaningful way. You can view your backup results in our central Audit screen, Dashboards, Reports and Email notifications.

Two-way automatic ticketing with Autotask, ConnectWise and ServiceNow

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Our two-way automatic ticketing with ConnectWise, Autotask (PSA) and ServiceNow (ITSM) puts administrators in control. Create, update and automatically close any backup related issues. Our ticketing integration allows administrators to cover off virtually any real word workflows. Reduce noise by choosing to group your tickets by one ticket per company, job name, or device name.

Custom tagging engine to quickly prioritize, identify and categorize backups

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Utilize our extremely flexible custom tagging system to tag backups as a way to organize backups by team, type, critical nature or anything you’d like. The tags are then filters that you can use throughout the system to use on the audit screen, dashboards, reporting, email notifications and automatic ticketing.

Automatic backups gap analysis identify and visualize issues across your backups to ensure your data is protected

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Our device comparison reports can compare the workstation or server configurations in ConnectWise or Autotask and compare them to what is in Backup Radar to show you any missing devices that you may need to monitor.

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