How am I billed?

When you sign up for Backup Radar, you will be billed monthly for a 12 month term subscription. Your plan includes a combination of Unit Licenses, Workstation Licenses, and Mailbox Licenses (see ‘How is each license type defined?’). We offer tiered plans that include licenses to cover the number of backup-protected endpoints monitored for your clients.

Can onboarding be waived?

The cost of onboarding cannot be waived. The onboarding process has been carefully designed to ensure our award-winning services and platform continue to meet and support the needs of your team and your backup processes. We can’t emphasize enough how important investing in onboarding sessions are to get the most value out of Backup Radar.

What is included in the onboarding process?

We include 3 one-on-one onboarding / consulting sessions to ensure a successful experience with Backup Radar and optimize to your backup workflows and applications:

  • Setup of the Backup Radar portal
  • Assistance with API integrations for your supported applications
  • Access to our engineers to work with your team on best practices
  • Customization of your account
  • Technical support as long as you’re a subscriber