Be Prepared When You Need to Restore a Backup

  • Custom alerts can notify you when a backup has failed a number of times in 24 hours, or a number of days in a row
  • Intelligent ticketing will auto-group, auto-append, and auto-close, so there is less noise in your inbox and only actionable tickets are visible
  • Customize your audit screens and dashboards for a data overview they way you need it.
Backup Radar helps you prepare for failure


  • 300+ supported backup applications ensures complete coverage for any tech stack
  • Connect with industry-leading PSAs
  • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid backup tools supported


  • Full functionality on all plans
  • Pricing based on device needs
  • Personalized on-boarding sessions and world-class support
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No Result Status

Second set of eyes to find what’s unreported

Intelligent Ticketing Logic

Custom alerts & consolidated, actionable tickets

Workflow Automation

Prioritize remediation when you save time checking statuses

“The benefits of Backup Radar are not just being seen by eacs, our own customers are seeing the benefits too. The conversation is now about system improvements, not simply repairs. It’s a good place to be.”
Anne Stokes, Head of Services, eacs Ltd.
“We’re a 25 person IT team with 50 clients and we went from two full-time tier 3 engineers checking 1000+ backups a day, to less than three hours of remediation time per day. The checking and ticketing process is handled automatically now. It paid for itself the first week.”
Nick L., MyIT Support
“The biggest benefit for me is the peace of mind. You can throw any backup product at Backup Radar and it will recognize it and know what to do. It’s reliable and efficient.”
Tim Wiser, Air IT