Product Updates

Next Level Ticketing Defaults and Profiles

Feature Release

We are excited to announce our next level ticketing update that allows an MSP or IT Department to control how Backup Radar automates the ticketing process. In this update an MSP or IT department can leverage Ticketing Defaults and Profiles to create a ticket based on whatever criteria you specify on the appropriate board, status, type etc. For example you can send workstation backup tickets to your normal Help Desk board and send critical Server backup issue tickets to your NOC board. The new ticketing profiles and defaults allow you to create tickets based on backup technology, backup type and any other filter in our system to place them exactly where you want and in the statuses you choose. This can save hours of time reducing clicks required for tickets to set the fields and types.

How to Setup Automatic Ticketing Profiles & Defaults:

Follow the instructions on our support page below:


Here are a few screenshots of it in action:

First you setup one or more Ticketing Default profiles:

Then assign the profile to the Automatic Ticketing Profile.