Product Updates

All Systems Go: Backup Radar Launches Major App Upgrades

We’re delighted to launch our optimized Backup Radar experience, complete with a fresh and modern update to our app interface. With this game-changing refreshed functionality and innovative features, you’ll see why Backup Radar is unrivaled in backup monitoring and reporting!


We brought Backup Radar’s renowned power into the modern day—in a more intuitive and user-friendly package. So what’s new?

Faster, more customizable views: dashboards, audit screens, reporting—see your backup data in a whole new light. With added features like bar charts and faster loading times, quickly access and customize the views that work best for your environment. Access 1-, 7-, 15-, or 28-day backup results in a single view with a simple click.

Standardize with setup templates: as your business grows, your Backup Radar experience does too. Create rules and templates so as you acquire new business, your backups activate automatically as you grow. Save time and streamline the backup onboarding processes to ensure your portal is optimized.

More flexible reporting options: consolidate, automate, and schedule internal or white-label client reports, with greater flexibility than ever. Visualize backup status data with new features, like bar chart functionality. 

Dark mode has arrived: see your customized views in stunning dark-mode color. Easily toggle between dark and light-mode, whichever view you prefer.

Optional legacy view: we’re excited for everyone to dive into the new Backup Radar experience, but also know that change can be hard. So if you still need to refer to the old layout while you get used to the new interface, it’s one click away.

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg for what we expect to be many enhancements in the year to come. Yes, Backup Radar reliably automates monitoring of your backups, but that only scratches the surface.  

With our intelligent ticketing system, powerful reporting capabilities, and unmatched backup auditing system, the sky’s the limit on how Backup Radar can help optimize your backup operations. As you grow and scale your business, choose the backup monitoring solution that will grow with you.

If you’ve been waiting to give Backup Radar a try, now is the time. Request a demo of our industry-leading backup monitoring software and achieve peace of mind knowing you have a watchful eye over all your backup statuses.