Top 3 Reasons to Monitor SQL Backup Jobs with Backup Radar

At any MSP, backup systems depend on a variety of factors; individual preference for tools, client stacks, and industry standards determine the backup system of choice. We often hear from prospects who have a preferred backup tool, and while it is great to have one (or even several) programs to rely on, an additional layer of monitoring is always best.


Additional Protection

An industry-favorite system is Microsoft SQL, and SQL Backup. But what happens if IT operations were to overlook SQL Backup built into Microsoft SQL? They could be missing out on the additional protection needed in a highly critical database. Backup Radar integrates with Microsoft SQL Backup products so you can monitor your SQL backups in a centralized console.

It is best to not have all of your eggs in one backup methodology. As with any backup program, this backup should also be stored on separate hardware so that neither a hardware or software issue could impact your second backup option. Regardless of backups in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or otherwise; Backup Radar will monitor and report on backup results across your whole environment. 



In some cases, IT administrators may not have set up SQL backup jobs during a new software install. However, the expectation is often on the IT admin to manage that job moving forward. In the event that a database needs to be restored or recovered, that liability would fall onto the MSP. It’s best (and possible) to confirm that all setup jobs are present through monitoring Backup Radar input. 

Email Reports and Ticketing

SQL Backup is consistent in emailing out backup reports. Many IT administrators monitor their backups via emails. When working with backup alerts by email, ticket noise can become overwhelming, especially when working with a high number of servers or devices. By setting up and customizing your alert thresholds in Backup Radar, you will receive prioritized and actionable information, when you want to see. 

This has a drastic impact on creating a more efficient day-to-day workflow, as you can be assured that any tickets on your board need attention and anything high priority will hit your inbox in a timely fashion. Say goodbye to sifting through duplicate and redundant backup tickets, or missing the message on something critical.


To ensure your SQL backups are being monitored closely, the best way is clear: Backup Radar will centralize your SQL backups, alert you if backups are not being reported, and optimize your ticket workflow with intelligent automation.

Are you ready to see the difference an automated second set of eyes could have on your backup monitoring? Request a demo of Backup Radar’s unrivalled backup monitoring software.