Efficiency is Everything: Save Time and Money with Backup Monitoring Software

Does the thought of losing data that you are responsible for keep you up at night? Are your NOC admins relying on manual checks of all your backup monitoring tickets, before getting a chance to remediate any issues? This inefficiency is costing you and your team valuable time and resources, and you need answers. That’s where Backup Radar’s end-to-end automation software for backup monitoring is the remedy you need.

There’s a Better Way

As the former owner of one of the largest and most successful MSPs in Louisiana, our founder Patrick Leonard realized systemic issues in their backup monitoring oversight. In his company’s experience with monitoring and reporting on a multitude of client backup systems, they realized three things: 

  1. They needed a solution for inefficiencies in monitoring and reporting on multiple client backups.
  2. The labor cost would continue to increase as the MSP grew.
  3. There was nothing on the market that fit their needs. 

Without proper monitoring abilities, and with tickets piling up, they were not able to quickly identify risks to clients’ infrastructure, or see trends in backup data. Never deterred when encountering a challenge, Patrick’s team got to work crafting a solution to these industry-wide issues. Working with a team of world-class developers, our highly efficient centralized backup monitoring solution was developed and built from the ground up to be a scalable cloud platform.

The Power of Backup Radar

The power of Backup Radar is in consolidating your backup reporting and monitoring across multiple backup sources and tools. This allows you to instantly and automatically analyze, report and remediate issues while finding blind spots in your backup processes. We integrate with industry-favorite PSAs, such as ConnectWise, Datto, and Kaseya BMS, and support over 300 backup vendors including N-Able, Veeam, and Azure. 

Our application features a fully customizable single-pane interface allowing you complete freedom to configure the dashboard that works best for your needs. Whether your team is bogged down by piles of notifications from multiple backup applications, or you’re relying on another single pane that’s not intuitive or automated, our highly-configurable intelligent automation and consolidation can provide the solution that best fits your needs

Reaping the Rewards

“After integrating Backup Radar’s automated monitoring and alerts, we had begun saving at least four hours a day of time for our NOC admins. That means that we were easily saving over $4,800 per month in time that would otherwise be wasted by manually sifting through backup tickets. That’s valuable time that our NOC admins could then spend doing more rewarding work, and proactively tackling priority projects to keep our client’s data secure.”

– Patrick Leonard, Backup Radar Founder


Save labor costs and recoup hours of productivity by integrating the industry’s best backup monitoring and reporting software into your processes now. Request a demo of Backup Radar’s one-of-a-kind backup monitoring software and achieve peace of mind knowing you have a watchful eye over your backup monitoring processes.