5 Reasons To Centralize Your Backup Checking

In today’s digital landscape, your MSP could find itself with a client caught in a malware or ransomware web. Your clients rely on you to be the backup expert, so if push came to shove, can you be confident that your clients’ most essential data is accounted for? Don’t leave your business vulnerable to liability.

If you’re effectively monitoring your backups, you are prepared for any urgent needs to restore them. That’s also why it’s essential in today’s managed service world to centralize your backup checking. Here are our top five reasons to centralize your backup monitoring management:

Reduce the Risk of Mistakes

If you’re unaware of missed or failed backups, that could put client data at risk. By centralizing your backups on one platform, you can have total visibility into your backup environment, and can keep tabs on each backup status. While success/failure alerts are industry standard, Backup Radar will also signal a “no result” status, alerting you to unreported backups. 

Eliminate Tedious Manual Checking

Manually checking backups is mundane. MSPs are a labor business, and having techs spending their time sifting through warning and failure emails, or logging into individual backup consoles can become very costly. By removing the hurdle of manual checking from the daily routine, your team’s time can be laser focused on troubleshooting and proactively resolving any critical backup issues.

Consolidate Compliance and Reporting

Reliable reporting builds trust with your clients. Be the leader your clients need, with reporting capabilities to fulfill even the most strict requirements. Schedule white-label reports to send at a regular cadence, and your clients will never be left wondering if their backups are accounted for. Consolidated reporting across your backup environment also allows you to compile internal reports to see trends in your backups, and build remediation strategies that your whole team can support. 

Centralize Backup Dashboards

Whether your MSP uses a variety of backup tools, or you are mostly on just one – centralizing your backup monitoring allows you to have complete environment oversight whether you need it everyday, or as you onboard and transition new clients to your preferred application. 

Backup Radar’s single-source dashboards give you high-level insight, to uncover trends in backups that otherwise might not be seen with manual checks. Integrate your favorite tools with Backup Radar. Veeam, Datto, N-Able, SkyKick, and Azure are just the tip of our integration iceberg. With over 300 backup applications and industry-leading PSAs compatible with Backup Radar, you can consolidate your tools easily into one console.

Bank on Savings

“[Backup Radar] has flipped the focus of the working day, from 90% of the day doing backup checking and 10% available for remediation activities, to 10% checking and having 90% of the day available for any remediation, repairs, and special projects to the clients’ environment.” -Anne Stokes, Head of Services at eacs Limited. Read their case study. 

What could your technicians accomplish with more time in their day? The opportunities are endless when you start reclaiming their time with automated backup monitoring. When your team is able to redirect their attention to focus on remediation projects, it enhances the level of service to your clients. More time spent on client care, also means more opportunities for revenue generation.


We’ve just scratched the surface, with five key reasons to centralize your backups, and there are many more we haven’t covered. Build trust and reputation when you keep your clients’ data safe, and have a watchful eye over their backups.

Request a personalized demo of Backup Radar’s one-of-a-kind backup monitoring software and achieve peace of mind knowing you have a watchful eye over your backup monitoring processes.