Save Yourself from Manual Backup Email Checking: Get Automated!

In the MSP industry, the majority of professionals we speak with every day are using a simple manual method to check backups—inbound email reports. Monitoring backups by relying on email alerts can lead to ticket noise in your inbox, with no way of knowing which alerts require immediate action. We’ve spoken to MSPs of all sizes, and the consensus is clear—they need an automated way to monitor all of their client backups in one place. That’s where Backup Radar comes in. A powerful tool to consolidate and standardize your complex backup environment to automated, single-source monitoring! 

Centralizing oversight of client backups

Whether you monitor backups via email parsing, through an integration with a PSA, or by using another dashboard, Backup Radar will pull your complete backup environment into a single view. This not only provides oversight of your backup statuses, but also allows you to set customized thresholds and rules for backup alerts. With this, you have an eagle’s eye view across the health of all your backups, and customized dashboards and audit view will help you monitor trends and spot anomalies. Noticing a backup failure at the same time each week? You can proactively fix issues you notice at this high-level view, and even remediate to prevent future backup issues from happening!

Actionable alerts

With only actionable alerts being sent to your inbox, you’ll know any tickets received need attention. How does this help you day-to-day? You won’t have to spend time sifting through emails to make sure critical issues are not overlooked. With the popularity of monitoring backups via email parsing, the ability to set specific thresholds and enable auto-closing and grouping of tickets is a game-changer! The reduction of ticket noise in your inbox gives you time back in your day to work on projects that may generate more revenue, or help optimize and protect your clients even further!

Supported Scalability

We have seen the rapid growth of the MSP industry in the past few years, as more clients recognize the value of managed IT services. With rapid growth comes the challenge of standardization across your organization, particularly in your backup environment. Each client has a different tech stack, and that can make onboarding a tedious process. With Backup Radar, over 300 supported backup applications means you can centralize the most diverse tech stack in one place. Whether that’s during a transitional phase to a new PSA, or for the long term, this simplicity of standardization makes onboarding new clients both faster and easier.

Backup Radar solves many MSP backup challenges

From onboarding new clients to streamlining your daily backup monitoring, become the leader in your industry. Backup Radar is the end-to-end monitoring tool that can help you achieve centralization and standardization of your backups. The power of Backup Radar is in consolidating your systems and processes. No matter how unique or customized your backup environment, you’ll have a vigilant eye over your most important asset, your clients’ data.

Are you ready to see the difference an automated second set of eyes could have on your backup monitoring? Request a demo of Backup Radar’s unrivalled backup monitoring software.