Take the Guesswork Out of Backup Monitoring: Accurate Backup Status Alerts

Monitoring backups is not a “one size fits all” solution for every MSP. Whether you are receiving your backup notifications via email parsing, by monitoring with a dashboard, or through an integration with your PSA, it’s imperative that you’re getting the right information at the right time. Your backup monitoring process has to be as unique as your clients’ backup environments and you need accurate backup status alerts. 

Can you be sure that tickets are not being missed, ignored, or closed prior to remediation? Is your inbox so full of ticket noise that critical notifications could get lost? Are basic success/failure notifications leaving you unaware of backups that may not be running properly?

We built Backup Radar as a solution to these common pain points, familiar across all backup monitoring operations.  

Backup Radar’s No Result Status

A typical backup product sends either a success or failure alert for your backups. But what happens if the backup does not run or is undetected? “No result” status is an innovation in the backup monitoring space, and you will only find it in Backup Radar. 

Why Would I Get a No Result Status?

Some common scenarios that could cause a “no result” status in Backup Radar: 

  • The agent was hung
  • A schedule change on the backup application by end user 
  • A backup application communication issue
  • A functionality issue with your backup application
  • The device is offline

This “no result” status gives you valuable oversight into your backup system, and affords you the chance to investigate and remediate the root cause of the issue.

Backups that don’t fit the success or failure status can fall through the cracks in manual backup checking—but not under Backup Radar’s watchful eye. Backup Radar was built as a world class backup monitoring automation system to solve this universal problem that all MSPs face.

The Risk of Manually Checking Backups

Many prospective clients rely on a manual system for checking backups, often involving spreadsheets. Even if you or your team are meticulously checking each line, this can be a very tedious task that requires a lot of time each day. For those with a large volume of servers to check, can you be confident a human would catch every unreported backup, 100% of the time? And if an error occurred, can you be sure it would be noticed? 

Backup Radar automates backup monitoring based on your custom-set thresholds, freeing up admins to work on remediation or other areas of the business. If it takes roughly 30 minutes to check 100 servers, imagine the time your team could save if this information was at your fingertips? Your admins would have the time to take on proactive projects, which could increase the profitability of your MSP or improve service across multiple clients.

A Prospective Client’s “Aha! Moment”

Here’s an example of how Backup Radar was able to shine light on a prospective client’s hidden backup gap with backup monitoring status alerts:

Initially, this prospective MSP didn’t see an issue with their manual backup checking processes—until one day when Backup Radar showed a discrepancy between statuses. A critical client of theirs had five days of missed backups, but their system wasn’t showing any tickets indicating those failures.

The backup job was marked as a “no result” status in Backup Radar because the system hadn’t received the backup result at all. After their admin investigated, it was determined that they did not have a ticket from the PSA, and their backup system had not sent the email. 

This ability to detect their backup gap and proactively investigate saved them from a potential issue arising. Backup Radar gave our client the confidence to know that they would never have to surprise a client with bad news, or worse, risk litigation. Right then and there, they realized the power of our system and the incredible value that Backup Radar’s oversight offered their complex environment. 



Are you ready to see the difference an automated second set of eyes could have on your backup monitoring? Request a demo of Backup Radar’s one-of-a-kind backup monitoring software.

No matter how unique or customized your backup environment is, you will be assured you’ll have a vigilant eye over your most important asset, your clients’ data.