Reduce risk and proactively remediate with the power of intelligent automation

  • Understand the value of “no results” monitoring, and see the unreported backups and areas of potential failure
  • Spot anomalies or trends across your backup results for quick action
  • Estimate potential failure points across multiple clients or similar devices to remedy before failure occurs

Fit any team’s workflow

Create the view that gives you the insights you need with highly customizable settings

  • Customize your audit screens, dashboards and reports by client, device type, job, and more.
  • Custom tagging enables automated grouping unique to your needs.
  • Three personalized onboarding sessions ensure that you’re getting the most out of Backup Radar, fitting your specific needs with industry best practices
Backup Radar dashboard

Discover More Advantages

The benefits of using Backup Radar as a backup monitoring solution are endless! Here are a few more ways you can use trends and insights to improve your backup operations:

Our innovative “No Result” status

Shines a spotlight on any missing backups, so you can investigate before they become a serious threat

Discover actionable trends and insights

With a macro-view of backup statuses over time

Increase profits and revenue generation

Find new opportunities by proactively acting on gaps or inefficiencies

Automated Backup Analysis

Automated backup analysis

Through weekly and monthly reports helps you identify and visualize issues across all your backups—your team can prioritize remediation based on trend analysis

Time for developing new revenue streams

Avoid manually sifting through backup results. Take control of your time and redirect efforts to projects that add incremental value

Improve team engagement

Motivation increase when staff are executing high-value tasks, rather than tedious manual validation of backup results

Look for patterns across similar devices

Repair issues in multiple places at once, and share learnings between clients to get ahead of the next issue

Leadership oversight

Escalation emails can share important yet selective information on backup operations using customizable thresholds. Be informed about critical issues without the burden of day-to-day noise