Save yourself from drowning in an overflowing inbox 

Backup Radar will auto-group, auto-append, and auto-close tickets to remove related or resolved tickets decreasing your ticket noise.

  • Auto-group: group backups by company, device, or job name
  • Auto-append: consolidates repeated issues to an existing open ticket instead of creating a new one, reducing volume and duplication
  • Auto-close: tickets are closed when the related jobs have reported successes
Backup Radar Auto Ticketing

Consolidation of ticketing workflow

Eliminate checking multiple platforms.

  • Integrations with 300+ supported backup applications and industry-leading PSAs
  • Reduce manual checking time and increase accuracy when you see all backup statuses at a glance through automation
  • Vast customization opportunities: set your own alerts, views, dashboards, and trust that each alert is actionable
  • As your business grows and as you transition new environments to your preferred backup application(s), keep all your monitoring in one place
Backup Radar Audit ticketing

Discover More Advantages

The benefits of using Backup Radar as a backup monitoring solution are endless! Here are a few more ways we help you reduce your ticket noise:

Customized actionable alerts

Provides additional logic to your tickets and notifications. Limit the noise to only when you determine it is necessary to know. Every failure? After three consecutive in a day? You control your alert parameters

Custom tagging engine

Quickly prioritize, identify and categorize backups, saving you from manual searching through a spreadsheet. Have the flexibility to group or segregate jobs, customize dashboards and reports

Be proactive

Reliably catch missed or failed backups to make you a more efficient and effective IT professional

Set custom thresholds for escalation notifications

Such as with repeated failures or failures by length of time. Useful for leadership to know when an issue persists

Automation will reduce human error

Enhance your workflow with a focus on actionable tickets. No more spreadsheet checking, wondering if a ticket was cleared prematurely, or missing something critical amongst a sea of less critical notifications

Advanced customization

Group tickets in a way that enhances your environment and productivity

Proactively resolve the root cause

View failure and no-result trends across your backup results. See if backups are failing on a regular basis or at a consistent time so you can eliminate the cause

1 to 1 onboarding sessions

Get set up for success. Optimize the setup of your unique ticketing and integration needs. Hit the ground running, with best practices from our onboarding specialists