Lead the way in compliance reporting

Take charge of client needs with customizable comprehensive reporting.

  • Automate and schedule reports and send directly to clients
  • Demonstrate the compliance measures being taken to meet or exceed client needs
  • Monthly reports show backup statuses which can unveil trends or patterns for incremental preventative remediation
Backup Radar reporting

Consolidate your reporting

Show results for clients and internally across each unique backup environment.

  • Access a variety of reports in one place, making it easier for both you and the client
  • Detail specific actions your team has taken to protect the client’s data, demonstrating the value of work done
  • Proactive reporting builds accountability and transparency, resulting in stronger client relationships

Discover More Advantages

The benefits of using Backup Radar as a backup monitoring solution are endless! Here are a few more ways reporting can benefit your internal teams and bolster client relationships:

Tailor your reporting strategy

Have a tailored walkthrough of the reports that fit your needs most during your three comprehensive onboarding sessions. Backup reports, compliance reports, and more

QBR reporting

Be prepared for client reporting needs by proactively compiling status updates compared to actions taken reporting

PSA reports

Compare backups we receive against your PSA to ensure that every machine and device has monitoring set up

Comprehensive Audit Screen

The comprehensive audit screen

Shows overview of backup results over a defined period of time, giving you insight into the trending health of client backups

Agile and Prepared

Be agile and prepared

On-demand and scheduled reports can be white-labeled for all your client updates

Demonstrate your hard work

Automate sharing with clients the specific measures your team has taken to protect their data with customized reports to suit their needs

See historical backup results

Visualize past trends in backup results, including on inactive machines, that can inform future decision-making

Prepare internal reports

Keep an eye on operations, and ensure backups are running smoothly and remediation strategy is optimized