Intelligent backup automation

Reduce your exposure to risk from human error. We’re a second set of eyes to catch missed or failed backups.

  • “No results” monitoring is the absence of a backup status. Be aware, up to 1 in 5 backups are potentially unreported, so make sure you know and can troubleshoot when necessary
  • Dashboards and audit screens bring all your backup statuses to one place so you can quickly understand where failures are occurring and develop a plan for strategic remediation
  • Completely customizable ticketing control, additional management, and grouping options for single-source users
Backup Radar Audit Screen

Centralized backup console

Backup Radar is a standardizing platform with powerful views, dashboards, and reports. You can easily view your full environment and all client backup results at a glance.

  • Customize your views, dashboards, and audit screen to visualize data the way you need; client by client, system by system
  • Reduce manual checking time and increase accuracy when you see all backup statuses at a glance through automation
  • As your business grows and as you transition new environments to your preferred backup application(s), keep your monitoring processes consistent and in a one place

Discover More Advantages

The benefits of using Backup Radar as a backup monitoring solution are endless! Here are a few more reasons we help you centralize oversight of your backups:

Merge Complex Environments

Merge complex environments

Into a centralized platform, no matter your PSA or ticketing tools

Comprehensive guided onboarding

Ensures you’re getting the most out of the platform for your unique environment – in three sessions, or until you are satisfied

300+ Backups Apps

300+ supported backup applications

Ensures complete coverage for any tech stack, big or small

Single Sign-On

With Google and Microsoft/ Azure ADO, ensure ease of use

We support your backup tools

Whether they’re in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid or any other type: support your clients across all backup environments, with one tool

Save Time

Save time with actionable alerts

Sift through the noise with configurable escalation alerts; maintain oversight by only receiving the notifications that require attention

Multi-factor authentication

(MFA) for added security with Google, Microsoft, and Duo

Powerful Tool

Add a powerful tool to your toolbelt

Demonstrate to clients (and potential clients) that you’re going above and beyond to ensure their backups are closely monitored