Centralize Oversight of Backups

A customizable overview of your complete and unique backup environment.

Completely customizable ticketing control

Additional personalization such as ticket grouping for single-source solutions.

Centralized backup console

Standardizing solution with powerful trending dashboard giving you quick access to client backup results.

Backup Radar dashboard

Reduce Ticket Noise

Improve your efficiency with configurable, intelligent ticketing logic.

Consolidation of ticketing workflow

Integrations with 300+ supported backup applications and industry-leading PSAs.

Auto-group, auto-append, auto-close tickets

Save yourself from drowning in an overflowing inbox by removing related or resolved tickets.

Backup Radar tickets

Visualize Backup Trends

Proactively remediate using backup insights and increased awareness of unreported backups.

Easily catch any failed or missed backups 

View in your dashboards, and take action before they become a serious threat.

Customizable data overview

Fit any team’s workflow; insights visible in custom audit screens, dashboards and reports. Actionable email notifications bring attention to critical backup failures.

Expand Compliance and Reporting Capabilities

Build trust with your clients through consolidated reporting across backups.

Powerful customizable reporting

Both on-demand and scheduled so you can be agile and prepared with on-demand and scheduled reports for all your client updates.

Consolidation of reporting

Take charge of client compliance needs with customizable, holistic, white label reporting, sent directly to clients.

Featured Case Studies

You aren’t alone! Read below to learn how our customers took lemons and made lemonade, with Backup Radar.

Our Pricing

Flexible pricing is designed to fit your unique environment and needs. Access full Backup Radar functionality with all service packages, pricing based on device count.