Through our direct API integration, MSPs and enterprises using the Microsoft Azure portal to store client backups or who leverage Microsoft software to backup locally are able to seamlessly connect their accounts into Backup Radar. This directly pulls in backup and replication data from Azure’s cloud portal into Backup Radar for monitoring. 

Azure Integration Update

Clients using Azure can now use our efficient, automated setup wizard to easily configure portals directly into Backup Radar, in a fraction of the time—now just two minutes per portal (compared to 15 minutes, previously). You can also search and select multiple Azure backup vaults and connect them to Backup Radar with one swift click. 

This time-saving integration update also eliminates the tedious need to log into many individual vaults to check backups. You can connect and monitor all of your Azure portals right in Backup Radar in one view. Our integration centralizes backup monitoring across both cloud and local backups with Azure, and was developed to meet the complex and evolving needs of MSPs industry-wide.

Integration Benefits

By using Backup Radar and Azure together, you’ll get a comprehensive view of all the most important information about your backups, pulled into our cohesive single-pane dashboard. Clients using Azure can access our full suite of solutions to automate reporting, ticketing, alerting, customize dashboards, and audit client backup data.

Our Mission

Innovation is a cornerstone of our foundation and mission. Partnerships and integrations with leading industry applications and vendors continue to drive our rapid growth and development. We strive to always offer our client’s solutions that will help them: 

  • Reduce their risk of data loss with increased backup oversight and accountability 
  • Drive efficiency with intelligent automation of their backup monitoring processes
  • Achieve more visibility across their backup solutions with actionable alerts and analysis based on failure and no-result trends.

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Backup Radar is a global leader in backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance. Their innovative end-to-end automation software can help reduce your risk of data loss, drive business and process efficiency, and achieve greater visibility across all your backup platforms. Catch missed or failed backups in real-time. Integrate with many of your favorite MSP platforms including PSA, RMM, and other productivity tools. Streamline your policies and workflows with world-class, intelligent automation.

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