Our why is based on many of the same frustrations that likely lead you to our website. We were tasked with managing backups across our client base. We tried everything from managing backups from our RMM toolset to automated emails into our ticketing system to manual spreadsheet checklists. After a several years journey into what I can only deem as insanity trying to cut down the mundane task of checking backups. We thought it would be brilliant to have a central portal that could check our backups in one place and keep the history of reporting no matter what backup products we had in use.

What were our core problems?

  • Technicians would make mistakes reading date and time stamps manually.
  • We had no central backup portal to monitor our backups in one place.
  • We could not give a customer an all inclusive backup report with all of their backup data on it.
  • Our processes for checking backups were manual and costly
  • Boring and mundane tasks of checking backups was bringing our backup admin morale down.
  • We were not billing clients accurately for the backup software in use.
  • Our management had no oversight or accountability of backups or failures for customers.
  • We could not easily split up the backup checking duties to more than one person. 
  • Manually opening and closing of backup tickets consumed a lot of time. 
  • None of our existing tools could provide us trends on a weekly or monthly basis of our backups. 

The Solution

Backup Radar was built to solve the challenges above including many more not listed. Our goal is to make it easy to use and powerful in what it can do. We've spent many years crafting Backup Radar to meet the demands of MSPs worldwide. Our clients come from all over the globe. We have partners in the US, UK, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and Australia to name a few. Hundreds of partners and MSPs have provided valuable feedback and continue to do so as we build out Backup Radar to continue to meet their needs.

  • Multi-Tenant Centralized Backup Portal
  • Centralized Backup Reporting
  • Integrated Device and Ticketing for ConnectWise and Autotask
  • Dashboards allow management team the oversight needed for backups
  • Easy to use Audit page to view success, warning or failure results quickly
  • Automatic Ticketing to open and close tickets when a backup fails or succeeds
  • Email Notifications to alert our backup admin or management team when a backup hasn't succeeded in x number of days
  • Trending visibility on our dashboards and in reporting to see the patterns and spot anamolies
  • Automated Scheduled Reporting that can be branded with your own logo

Even if your MSP or IT Department has all those boxes checked above many of our partners utilize us as a second set of eyes on their backups. With emerging threats of Ransomware and malware continuing to see huge growth due to the financial rewards the most important thing you can do for your clients is protect their data.


"YEAH!  AWESOME work !  So stoked to see this. Keep up the great work, you have an amazing product!" - C3

"Exciting stuff! It's been fun growing with you! We spoke to the Brightgauge guys at ITNation and reiterated wanting BR integrated!" - 5QPartners

"I have to say you guys have a service unique as best as I can tell, one that I think every MSP should be using" - Compufit

"Awesome work.... you have saved us hundreds of hours" - Quartet