Our Purpose

Trust and verify that the data you’re responsible for is there when you need it. It sounds simple, but IT professionals know how much sleep is lost constantly worrying about client’s data, and what you would do if you needed to restore it. We’ve been there.

We couldn’t find a solution that met our needs, so we built one. Now, along with over 900 other MSPs around the world, we can all rest easy. If ever subjected to ransomware, hardware failure, or another unthinkable glitch – we can react confidently and swiftly to address our client’s needs, as promised.

Backup Radar will reduce your risk of data loss, drive business and process efficiency, and achieve greater visibility across all your backup platforms. With the right information at the right time, build your business knowing that Backup Radar has your back.

We take the pressure off so you can take control of your time.

Our Core Values

The reason we offer a world-class solution is because we cultivate a team that’s passionate about solving problems, developing forward-thinking ideas, and being transparent.


We are each committed to working honestly, efficiently, and will do what we say we’ll do.


We are problem solvers who test, iterate, and proactively seek a better way.


We work as a team who are down-to-earth, dependable, and accountable to each other.

Our Story

Backup Radar was founded in 2015 by experienced MSP owner Patrick Leonard. The frustration of chasing repetitive tasks, worries about unreported failures in his backups, and unanswered questions whether or not human error was at play, kept Patrick up at night. Like many of you, he knew he needed a better way.

His Louisiana-based MSP tried everything from managing backups through an RMM toolset, to automated emails into their ticketing system and manual spreadsheets – nothing checked all the boxes.

Now a part of ScalePad, Backup Radar grew from its origin as a single MSP’s internal solution to become the leader in backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance, proudly monitoring 375,000+ backups daily and protecting 23,000+ businesses around the world. Our offices are in Vancouver, Canada, and Louisiana, US, and we serve MSPs and IT departments around the world.

The growing MSP had a few key concerns:

  • There was no central portal to monitor backups in one place.
  • There was no oversight to chronic issues or ability to be proactive which was detrimental to scaling the business.
  • They could not give a customer an all-inclusive backup report with all of their statuses on it.
  • Boring and mundane tasks like checking backups were bringing morale down and were prone to human error. Even the best technician could make a mistake reading date and time stamps, or clearing a common backup error too quickly.

These were important to solve for many reasons:

  • Backups are mission-critical – Lost data is a lost client, or worse, a lawsuit. It could mean your business. Ransomware can happen to anyone, anywhere. Hardware failures (despite your best advice), can be blamed on the MSP. As an MSP owner, you need to be 100% confident in your backup solution.
  • You need to be aware of potential gaps in your backup monitoring – A “second set of eyes” can increase accuracy and shed light on things you may not even know about. Intelligent ticketing logic to reduce inbox noise, and customized alerts to flag the most important information.
  • Improve workflow and processes – Automation improves team efficiency by reallocating time to remediation rather than cross-referencing spreadsheets or wading through long lists of email tickets.
  • Initiate compliance – Through simple automated reporting, show what the error was, when and how it was remediated. A great asset to demonstrate the work being done with your clients, or validate it for any governing bodies they work with.
  • Sleep soundly at night – Get your lifestyle back; run the business or NOC you want!

An internal solution quickly grew to become a standalone product, and has been growing ever since.  Backup Radar is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution for all types of backups; the leader in backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance.

Meet the Leadership

Our team is led by passionate folks with extensive experience in the MSP and IT industry. They are motivated to share their solution with you, the vision of better backup monitoring, and a good night’s sleep.

Dan Wensley

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is an accomplished Channel Chief and has built a trusted reputation in the Partner ecosystem. Aside from being a pioneer in the MSP software market, he also helped guide the industry as a former board member of CompTIA. As the CEO of ScalePad, Dan’s focus is to bring innovative solutions to the MSP market.

Luis Giraldo

Chief Experience Officer

A veteran of the MSP industry, Luis helms ScalePad’s Partner Success organization. Over 15 years of owning and operating his own technology companies have developed Luis into a consummate IT professional and strategist. He is a popular speaker, and provides thought leadership to the IT service provider community.

Jean-François René

Chief Technology Officer

Jean-François has spent over two decades working in fast-paced, early stage technology companies. As CTO, he leads ScalePad’s product and engineering teams. Always eager to disrupt the status quo through innovative technology, Jean-François attributes much of his success to his unyielding passion to helping partners succeed.

Mark Pileski

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark is a technology marketing executive with 20 years’ experience developing strategies and teams that drive revenue. As ScalePad’s CMO, Mark leads a high-performance marketing team focusing on creating and building brands, stories, and revenue marketing engines. Prior to joining ScalePad, Mark served as the marketing leader for several high growth technology companies.

Sandeep Kumar, CFO headshot

Sandeep Kumar

Chief Financial Officer

As a CPA with over 10 years’ experience in various industries, Sandeep has worked with publicly traded and privately held companies. As CFO, Sandeep oversees the capital structure of ScalePad and is an integral part of our financial future.

Colin Keslo

VP, Product

Colin is a veteran product leader with over 20 years of software development experience from enterprise to consumer applications. He strongly believes in quickly delivering product innovations and improvements that reflect the voice of the customer.

Chantelle Turton

VP, People & Culture

Throughout her career, Chantelle has supported the growth of high-performance teams. She enjoys partnering with dynamic leaders to simplify work, engage people, and deliver results. Working closely with leadership and their teams, Chantelle is dedicated to attracting the best candidates and helping them realize their full potential.

Eric Torres

VP, Channel

With over 15 years’ experience in the technology industry, Eric helped build a top-tier MSP in Milwaukee, WI, where he was also a Datto Advisory Board member. As VP, Channel, he brings expertise in business continuity and the MSP community, accompanied by a passion for educating the business community on the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.