Backup Radar is network management for MSPs + Enterprise Orgs

Today, businesses expect their IT networks to just work, kind of like electricity, silently functioning in the background.And when networks don't work, businesses grind to a halt.

Why? Because with software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything employees need to do their jobs.

Access to people, access to information—all of this relies on the network. And who do businesses call when their networks go down? Their IT managed service provider (MSP).

But until now, it's been difficult for MSPs to manage their clients' networks efficiently and effectively.

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Our Story

Our why is based on many of the same frustrations that likely lead you to our website. We were tasked with managing backups across our client base. We tried everything from managing backups from our RMM toolset to automated emails into our ticketing system to manual spreadsheet checklists.

After a several years journey into what we can only deem as the insanity of trying to cut down the mundane task of checking backups, we thought it would be brilliant to have a central portal that could check our backups in one place and keep the history of reporting no matter what backup products we had in use.

Backup Radar is our solution.

  • Founded 2015
  • Founded by Patrick Leonard
  • Global Users 5000+ Companies

What were our core problems?

  • Technicians would make mistakes reading date and time stamps manually.
  • We had no central backup portal to monitor our backups in one place.
  • We could not give a customer an all inclusive backup report with all of their backup data on it.
  • Our processes for checking backups were manual and costly
  • Boring and mundane tasks of checking backups was bringing our backup admin morale down.

Global Offices

Vancouver, BC

3200 - 1021 W Hastings St
Canada, V6E 0C3
P: +1 (604) 425-2275

Covington, LA

207 E Lockwood St.
Covington, LA 70433
P: +1 (504) 290-3369

Meet Our Leaders

Patrick Leonard

Founder & CEO Patrick Leonard is Backup Radar’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has been in the service provider industry for over 20 years, and holds multiple technology engineering certifications. Patrick was an instrumental leader and driving force for My IT in Metairie, LA, one of the largest and most successful service providers in Louisiana. As Chairman of the Board for Backup Radar, Patrick continues to set the vision for the business as it continues its growth and success.

Chris Day

Board of Directors Chris Day is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Top Down Ventures. Chris is a recognized technology leader, strategist, and influencer in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Chris led Top Down’s initial investment in Backup Radar in 2018, recognizing the strength of the offering both for the MSP and general ITSM (IT Service Management) industries. Chris sits on the Board of Directors for Backup Radar and provides product and go-to-market expertise.

Joel Abramson

Board of Directors Joel Abramson is a Board Member at Backup Radar. Joel has worked in the MSP industry since 2002, leading companies through growth and strategic acquisition. Currently, he is the Chief Strategy Officer at Fully Managed who provide support and strategy to over 5000 facilities across North America in nearly every vertical market. With over 300 staff, they are one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing Managed Service Providers. Joel’s experience as an industry leader in technology allows him to provide strategic and operational guidance to the business as it continues to scale.  

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