Backups are the most critical component in the IT industry. With Crypto malware threats appearing daily a company that is growing could soon find itself out of business if a malware event or system failure happens without a backup. Worse yet, you as the trusted IT partner could be in for a very big lawsuit. It is critical to make sure your backups are up to par and that they are monitored closely for warnings and failures. When your client or company needs data restored it is never a good to wonder if you have a solid backup in place.


By Centralizing your backups on one platform you can limit the amount of mistakes that a technician might otherwise make. Computers are much more accurate at reading in and evaluating dates and data from backup emails and systems. If even one day is missed by human error you’ve put client data at risk.

Manual Checking

Network Administrators do not enjoy the task of checking backups. It is one of the most boring and monotonous jobs in IT to sift through success/failure emails or manually log into backup consoles to check backups. By removing the most mundane task (the checking aspect), they can focus on troubleshooting and resolving those critical backup issues.

Central Reporting

Central reporting allows you to report on all backup products in use for a client such as workstation, server and cloud backups all in one place. Report on all of your backup products in use from one console.

Central Dashboards

Centralizing your data in a way that is meaningful allows you to have insight into whether or not your client backups are working properly. Our dashboards allow you to see trends in backups that otherwise might not be seen by manually backup checks.

Cost Savings

The cost savings of not performing hours of manual checks each day add up to a significant Return on Investment. My IT, LLC is able to monitor and automatically check 800+ backups a day. This is a savings of at least 4 hours a day that are now billable hours our techs can work on more pressing issues.

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